Avoiding Burnout and Staying Motivated

How ecosystem builders stay motivated and avoid burning out.

Staying Motivated by Focusing on Others

For many ecosystem builders, connecting with the entrepreneurs is the primary way they maintain motivation and keep doing the work. Most of the ecosystem builders who responded shared how talking with the entrepreneurs that they serve centers and motivates them.

Getting Support from a Community of Peers

The work of ecosystem building is challenging enough on its own. But throw in a global pandemic and the disrupting realities of life and that challenge gets amplified exponentially. Denisse Rodríguez in Puerto Rico related her experience and how she relies on her team and community to help her cope.

Incorporating Self-care Tips and Tricks

In addition to finding emotional inspiration and motivation through peers and those they serve, ecosystem builders have developed habits that they can rely on to take care of themselves. From meditation, to walks, to setting non-work hours, ecosystem builders have developed mechanisms to deal with the challenges of social impact work during a pandemic.

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