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  • Omidyar Network

    Omidyar Network

    Omidyar Network is a social change venture that reimagines critical systems, and the ideas that govern them, to build more inclusive and equitable societies.

  • opengrants.io


    opengrants.io is the grant search engine for startups. Sign up free as a startup or grant writer at opengrants.io

  • Kevindoylejones


    Co founder Community Equity Fund https://www.slideshare.net/EagleMarketStreetsDe/emsdc-community-equity-fund-245355143

  • Joan O'Donnell

    Joan O'Donnell

    Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor: https://medium.com/living-in-systems

  • Jason Weiland

    Jason Weiland

    Introverted essayist and creator- I am doing it my way and it might take a bit longer. Don't wait up! https://ko-fi.com/jasonweiland

  • Brad Feld

    Brad Feld

    I'm a managing director at Foundry Group. I live in Boulder, Colorado, invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons, and read a lot.

  • Fay Horwitt | ForwardCities.com

    Fay Horwitt | ForwardCities.com

    Fay serves as President of Forward Cities and is a nationally recognized thought-leader in the field of equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem building & healing.

  • Joe Maruschak

    Joe Maruschak

    Entrepreneur and Investor with a background in games Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL). Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/JoeMaruschak

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